Cleaning power with no effort! For everyone with little time to spare ❤️

I have just discovered the most amazing cleaning product EVER! I came across this on a bit of an eco drive after trying ‘zoflora’ that everyone raves about, I realised it can’t be that good for our septic tank & changed to a supermarket eco brand instead. I have discovered this……Ecover limescale remover.

I am no domestic goddess but with this you don’t have to be.

With literally zero effort I have shiny taps & the limescale has gone! I have scrubbed & scrubbed before & nothing but with this all I did was spray on, leave for a few minutes then rinse – absolutely amazing, I am 100% converted.

It does exactly the same on shower screens, I’ve gone from cloudy limescale stained glass to shiny see through glass again with the same no effort approach.

I recommend this to everyone, try it you’ll love it!

What an amazing morning!

Last night I read a blog post by The DIY Lighthouse on Pinterest it was about organising your morning & the little things you can do to make it easier. Wow, it’s worked so far!

This morning has been highly productive – obviously helped by a whole unbroken 6 hours of sleep.

Porridge made, dishwasher emptied, lunchbox made, washing done & bottles sterilised.

I didn’t even stress out when I found a moth in the first batch of porridge & had to restart everything with a new bag.

I’d love to be the one writing a post like that, who knows maybe this will become my reality!

Shouty Mwmi!!

I’m watching ‘BumpBirthBaby’ and one mummy has just said she doesn’t want to turn into a shouty mum if she had a third baby! Oh no, well I’m at 4 and that really is me.

I don’t want to be shouty mwmi either.

Today has not been a good day to not be a shouty mwmi – it all started with a very bad nights sleep. 2 bubbas in bed with us & then 1 bubba decided it was a great idea to wake up her partner in crime, find a black felt tip pen, draw all over each other’s faces, hands and feet – not forgetting the wall, bed sheets and chest of drawers!

Just to end the day in style, the same said bubba emptied all of her clothes out of the drawers, filled it with her sisters slime & screamed because of the slime!!!

And to top it off, she emptied a whole bottle of shampoo into the bath so that washing off the bubbles was an impossibility.

What an amazing day full of new tricks for a 19 month old to learn!

Suffice to say I did not laugh about any of this.

Of course tomorrow is a new day & I WILL remind myself at every opportunity not to shout. Stay posted for tomorrow’s positive day!


Thank you for joining me on my journey. This is my blog about my day to day survival with 4 children who are aged 7, 2, 1 & newborn (& a husband!)

So yes I have the same comments from complete strangers every time I leave the house “you’ve got your hands full there” well yes don’t I know it but does it really look like I’m struggling?! I thought I was doing ok. It’s hard work & some days I just wish I could go home & then realise that I am already there but I wouldn’t change it for the world – it’s chaos, bedlam, stressful & crazy but it’s also wonderful, fulfilling, exciting and beyond belief that I have these four amazing little people in my life. Not too long ago (8 years) I didn’t think we would have a baby at all and now they are all here and our family is at last complete minus the few chickens that I’ve been meaning to get for the last 3 years!

I will write honestly about our days, the fun, disasters and chaos that is our life and hopefully give some sanity to others in my position or a good laugh to those who are not. I would love to hear from you and your stories too.

Ps. I am completely new to blogging so bear with me if this post isn’t the prettiest I will improve 😂